Access Funding To Support Your Energy Savings Project

About Us

3D Energy is an energy engineering, management, and project development advisory company located in Alberta. At 3D Energy our vision is to assist clients with turning energy challenges into opportunities. We do this by:

  • Diagnosing energy challenges and opportunities.
  • Developing reasonable and bankable solutions.
  • Delivering projects that achieve results.

Our Solutions Will:

  • Unlock cash flow from your business operations and/or building/facility
  • Manage your exposure to increased energy prices
  • Increase your economic competitiveness
  • Achieve your sustainability and emission reduction goals
  • Improve the overall comfort of your building/facilities

Our Services

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Energy Assessments & Audits

Most buildings consume too much energy. Our energy professionals work to identify how buildings use, waste, and produce energy, developing solutions that are engineered to the specific challenges and opportunities of a building.

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Building Code Compliance

New construction approvals face stricter energy efficiency objectives. Our energy engineers can assist in developing the best strategy to meet these requirements and receive approval.

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Green Building Certifications

Sustainable design and operational practices can result in improved energy performance of a building. Our energy experts can provide assistance in achieving industry leading practices and recognition.

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Project Development

Moving an energy project from conceptualization through to implementation and operation can be full of technical, regulatory, and financial challenges. Our multi-disciplinary team can support projects needs every step of the way.

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Energy Planning

Reducing energy costs and environmental impact is a laudable goal, but knowing where to start and what to do is a challenge. Our experienced team can help build a plan for your community or organization.

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Energy Management

Technology, market, and regulatory factors are constantly changing and managing energy costs and carbon emissions is not a one time initiatives. Our comprehensive management strategies and tools enable continual improvement.

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