Energy Management

Energy Management


Energy Monitoring & Measurement

Ongoing and real-time monitoring of utility usage and energy consumption can be done utilizing an online dashboard platform. A dashboard system of this nature can be customized to track the performance of specific energy conservation measures against baseline utility consumption, which allows organizations to understand, measure, and verify the results of its investment in energy conservation/efficiency.

Additionally, a real-time utility monitoring dashboard gives building owners and operators access to a robust energy management tool that identifies consumption deviations as well as provides data and information to complete utility bill tracking and auditing. These systems can be implemented on a site-by-site basis, or across an entire organization.

3D Energy has established a partnership with Solution 105, a leading Alberta based provider of energy monitoring and management systems around the world. Our collaborative effort with Solution 105, ensures that your energy needs will continuously be met and monitored as markets, regulations and technologies change.


Energy Procurement

Our goal is to reduce and green your energy use. Making the reduction of your energy consumption a priority also assists in saving on operating costs. Ultimately energy use is still a requirement for most organizations, and energy prices can have a huge impact on the bottom line. Our goal is to support the energy needs of organizations by assisting in both technical onsite management of energy and navigating the challenges of the utility market.

Through our partnership with Solution 105, an industry leader in Alberta that supports energy budgeting and contract negotiation, we can add an additional layer to the containment of your energy costs. This collaboration will allow you to let experienced industry experts pursue the best opportunities to reduce your utility costs, hedge against market volatility, and procure energy from sources that meet your organizational and operational objectives.


Carbon Management

Climate change is on the minds of many governments, communities and organizations around the world. Every one has a part to play in reducing the impact of this great global challenge, and every action counts. Ambitious carbon reduction and management goals often fall flat in the face of economic and technical realities. In these cases carbon markets can pick up the slack, providing viable options for sustainable projects to be built with the financial compensation for the environmental benefits that they generated. Whether an organization is looking to support external projects to help offset their own GHG emissions, or has an innovative project that needs that last bit of revenue generate by the environmental attributes of the project to make it financially feasible, carbon markets and trading are compelling options in achieving sustainable objectives.

We support organizations looking to either manage or capitalize on carbon emissions and/or credits resulting form their operations or projects. Whether you are looking at larger transactions in compliance (offset) markets or participating in voluntary markets through RECs, our team and partnerships can support your carbon management goals. Finding the right carbon management solution for an organization or project can be challenging, but no matter how big or small your carbon management need is, our team can support you.