Energy Planning

Energy Planning


Community Energy Plans

Canada is a country comprised of communities, with distinct values, cultures and needs. From our indigenous communities to municipalities, energy planning is critical to sustaining economic growth and competitiveness and improving our environmental impact as a society. Every community operates in distinct fashion, including facilitating economic development, managing energy, implementing capital projects, and utilizing financial resources.

3D Energy has developed a comprehensive Community Engagement Process that utilizes energy assessments, energy audits, past condition assessment reports, and other pertinent information about a community including demographic, geographic, socio-economic, and community goals and objectives to develop a strategy or Community Energy Plan.

This plan provides a community with a path forward for implementing a long-term energy strategy that includes carbon emission reduction targets, conservation initiatives, retrofit projects, renewable energy generation projects, and economic development opportunities. Community Energy Plans are customized and take into consideration the budget, goals, social and political context, funding sources, environmental impacts, and any additional relevant information to assist a community in understanding how to achieve its energy security, carbon reduction, and quality of life objectives.

The Community Energy Plan is a blend of technical, social, political, and environmental information layered within the context of current realities and aspirational desires, and it is communicated simply so that all members of the community understand. Our team of energy, policy and financial experts have created several Community Energy Plans for groups around Alberta, which has enabled the Community to secure and leverage resources that are focused on ensuring the community achieves its financial, social, and environmental objectives.


Energy Management Plans

An Energy Management Plan is a report that outlines the financially feasible options for technical information provided in energy assessment/audit reports, engineering studies, and/or condition assessment reports. The plan clearly outlines strategies that can be realistically deployed by and organization that are founded on integrating technical, financial, market, and resource availability, and which focus on achieving organizational/facility energy cost and carbon emission reductions. This report will examine technical recommendations for a facility, and provide a rationale for the most financially sensible approach to implement these recommendations. This plan includes information on funding & grants, procurement, scheduling, management, installation, and measurement and verification.

The complexity that comes with navigating the energy industry from identifying the right technologies, understanding the business case, and prioritizing capital improvements can be reduced by engaging our team to develop your Energy Management Plan. This will provide the organizations and facility owners/operators with the necessary information and a simplified process to make an informed decision on managing their energy, whether it be new construction, renovations, renewable energy projects, energy efficiency, or ongoing energy monitoring. This document will act as the go-to document for organizational planning and capital project decision making moving forward.