Green Building Certifications

Green Building Certifications


LEED Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system that is recognized as an international mark of green buildings in over 160 countries. LEED is an effective rating system because it recognizes that sustainable building practices should be at the core of all buildings in their design, construction and operation. LEED has ten rating systems that fit into five overarching categories that include. Each of these categories targets sustainability for a different type of construction, and involves a point-based rating that is defined by the following levels:

  • Certified: 40–49 points
  • Silver: 50-59 points
  • Gold: 60-79 points
  • Platinum: 80 points and above

The better the score, the more prestigious the certification. Navigating through the LEED system can be complex, and requires a LEED Accredited professional. Our LEED Accredited staff have experience supporting organizations to achieve these certifications, allowing them to boost their environmental image and performance.


BOMA BEST Certification

With over 5,000 buildings obtaining the BOMA certification since 2005, BOMA BEST is Canada’s largest environmental assessment and certification program for existing buildings. This program provides building owners with a consistent framework for assessing the environmental performance and management of existing buildings of all sizes.

BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings certification recognizes excellence in energy and environmental management and performance in commercial buildings, and targets ten key areas of sustainability. Beyond receiving credits for performance in these areas, BOMA has requirements for best practices, verification, development, and timeline for completing the assessment, which are all relevant to the certification process. Our team has the expertise and knowledge in supporting building owners/operators in navigating this process of attaining the BOMA BEST certification.


Green Globes Certification

Green Globes is an online green building certification and rating tool that has modules for new construction, significant renovations, and commercial interior retrofits. The Green Globes new construction assessment can be utilized for a wide range of commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential building types, including offices, schools, hospitals, industrial facilities, sporting facilities and much more.

This certification was developed in the 1980s in the United Kingdom, and was taken online in 2000. Green Globes is touted for being one of the simplest solutions in terms of Green Building Certifications, as its online platform can save time for those who want a simply formatted and worded design experience. This program is nationally accepted, relatively inexpensive, and has no prerequisites. Our energy and building experts are well-versed at navigating through the Green Globes online portal, and can assist buildings in achieving this certification.