Incentive Programs

Incentive Programs


Commercial & Industrial Incentives

Currently, businesses, commercial building owners/operators, and industrial facilities in Alberta have access to a few different incentive programs to assist with managing their energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Agriculture Agri-food Incentives

Alberta Agriculture & Forestry and the Government of Canada, through its Low Carbon Fund is offering the following two programs to agricultural producers and food processors that will assist them in reducing energy costs and green house gas emissions from their facilities and operations.


Non-Profit Organization Incentives

Energy is a big cost for non-profit and community based organizations. Financial resources are tight for volunteer groups and social agencies, yet there are opportunities to identify cost savings and reduce emissions from their facilities. There are a few programs and incentives that organizations can access to support their efforts to do so, these include:
  • Non-profit Energy Efficiency Transition (NEET) Program

Indigenous Community Programs

The Government of Alberta’s Indigenous Climate Leadership Initiative (ICLI) supports the energy and climate goals of indigenous and metis communities through seven different programs. 3D Energy has the ability to support and facilitate delivery of all seven of the following programs:


Residential Incentive Programs

Home owners have access to numerous programs to support activities that assist in understanding energy use in their home and reducing their energy consumption and costs. These programs include: