Project Development

Project Development


Opportunity Identification

Using the knowledge and experience across a variety of energy projects and technologies, our experienced energy professionals will conduct an initial pre-feasibility assessment through a combination of data collection and benchmarking, preliminary site visits and/or internal consultations, and external research. This will lead to the completion of a desktop analysis that will identify both technical and financial project opportunities in addition to potential project barriers that must be explored in greater detail. Our team can assess opportunities from onsite energy generation projects to energy savings retrofits.

Project Feasibility Study

Our team of Certified Energy Managers, Professional Engineers, and System Specialists will complete a detailed technical assessment of energy production and/or consumption profiles, including project costing and key financial metrics. We have the ability to deliver detailed energy audits (ASHRAE Level 2/3 Investment Grade) and preliminary energy system design and engineering, which would provide baseline energy use analysis, recommended Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), simulated energy savings/production estimates, pro forma financial analysis (with eligible government incentives), as well as engineered implementation plans for a project.

Project Finance & Due Diligence

Through our 3rd party financial partners we can offer projects financing solutions that are customized to your projects needs, this includes being able to offer:
  • Performance Contracting for Energy Retrofit Projects through Efficiency Capital’s Energy Savings Performance Agreement (ESPA);
  • Green Bond Project Financing;
  • Advice on Capital Structure (debt/equity); and
  • Expertise on Government Grant & Incentive Programs.
Our finance team will work with you to assess project risk and complete technical and market quality assurance, technology performance verification, sensitivity and risk analysis, and when necessary additional technical refinement in order to underwrite the project and obtain low cost project insurance and financing.

Project Implementation

Being apart of the Vital Group of Companies allows the 3D Energy team to move seamlessly from financial approval of your project to implementation. Our sister companies, Vital Engineering and Generate Energy have engineers and system specialists with project and construction management experience across multiple energy savings and generation technologies. This integrated team will utilize the best design-build, procurement, and installation practices to oversee all aspects of project implementation and commissioning, ensuring that all installations are operating as intended.

Operations, Measurement & Verification

We ensure that all installations are operating at optimal performance and facility/operational staff are knowledgeable about newly installed technology. We can offer various levels of ongoing monitoring of projects, which includes technology platforms that enables ongoing energy management activities, complete oversight of energy use, and implementation of an energy savings/generation measurement and verification methodology in accordance with standard protocols. Through our sister company Generate Energy, and our partnership with Solution 105, we can provide all necessary energy monitoring and measurement services and/or support.