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Our team of energy experts, engineers and Registered Energy Advisors (REAs) delivers expertise in understanding the value of energy, making homes more cost effective and comfortable. Whether you are a home builder or home owner, we can support your goals of energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and financial efficacy.

Residential Services for Home Builders

Energy performance technologies, standards and consumer expectations are rapidly evolving, creating opportunities for businesses and customers alike to better manage their energy costs and environmental footprint in new homes. Understanding and getting ahead of these trends provides significant strategic and financial value and exhibits a commitment to corporate sustainability.

Our full service team of energy experts can support your company by:

  • Streamlining Building Permit Applications
  • Providing Strategies for Complying With Increased Energy Use Standards
  • Transfering Energy Knowledge to Critical Design, Construction, and Marketing Staff, and
  • Communicating the Value of Energy

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Residential Services for Home Owners

Becoming a home owner is often a proud moment in a person’s life, however the good feelings of home ownership begin to fade as utility bills hit the mailbox, and over time your home becomes drafty and requires maintenance and upkeep. When someone purchases a home, they don’t necessarily think about how the home uses and wastes energy, and what that means for future energy costs and maintenance. The EnerGuide Rating System (ERS) provides a standardized process for home owners to get the knowledge and information they need to truly understand the value of energy in a home.

Our Registered Energy Advisors (REAs) have decades of experience in the residential building sector and are trained to deliver home energy evaluations through the ERS. Whether you are a home buyer that is looking to better understand the energy performance of a prospective purchase, or home owner looking to either promote your home’s energy rating, or wanting to understanding how to most effectively lower your utility costs, engaging our REA’s will provide value in understanding the relationship between the home and its energy use.