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About Generate Energy

Our Story

Generate Energy was developed in the laboratory of NAIT’s Alternative Energy Technology program. As students of the program, our founders noticed an enthusiasm for renewable energy and sustainability that extended far beyond the walls of the classroom. A vision was formed to help families, businesses and communities access the most effective services and technologies to meet their energy sustainability goals. Immediately following graduation from NAIT, in May 2016, we began operations at Generate Energy and completed our first solar installation shortly thereafter.

In 2017, Generate Energy became a member of the Vital Group of Companies, allowing us to better serve our clients by offering them access to an extensive range of energy services. The Vital Group of Companies is comprised of Vital Engineering, 3D Energy, and Generate Energy. Our integrated team has the capacity and expertise to take on energy projects of any scale and complexity.

All our services are energy-focused. We specialize in LED lighting retrofits, design and installation of solar power systems, and energy monitoring solutions. Our team is comprised of Master, Journeymen, and Apprentice Electricians; Professional Engineers; and Renewable Energy Technologists. With several MW of solar design and installation experience, our team has worked on projects ranging from residential to large-scale commercial. We have a reputation for being creative, detailed, and delivering high-quality projects. We are committed to working closely with you to develop the best solution to meet your energy needs.