The 16 kW DC solar array consisted of 53 solar modules installed on the south facing roof. The system utilized 2 SolarEdge solar inverters withRead More

As the prime contractor, 3D Energy performed the vast majority of the work including the site visit, energy modeling, analysis, and reporting, with some mechanicalRead More

The Bon Accord Arena lighting was primarily comprised of T8 fluorescent fixtures and halogen lamps.Read More

Evansdale Community League lighting was primarily comprised of incandescent lights and fluorescent fixtures equipped with T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts.Read More

If implemented, electricity use will be reduced by 26.5%, natural gas use will be increased by 5%, and GHG emissions reduced by 116 tons of CO2e annually.Read More

Of the 5 measures analyzed, 3D Energy recommended implementation of 4 measures that would save approximately $60,525 a year with a simple payback of 6 years.Read More

If implemented, the recommended ECMs would result in a 13% reduction in electricity consumption and 5% reduction in natural gas consumption.Read More

Implementing the recommendations would result in an annual reduction of 26.9 tons of CO2e, the equivalent to taking approximately 6 cars off the road.Read More

After completing a site visit, 3D Energy was able to analyze 10 different energy conservation and renewable energy measures.Read More

This new elementary school, budgeted at $13,694,000.00, was delivered as a design build in Ardrossan, Alberta. The project was completed in 2018.Read More