If implemented, electricity use will be reduced by 26.5%, natural gas use will be increased by 5%, and GHG emissions reduced by 116 tons of CO2e annually.Read More

Of the 5 measures analyzed, 3D Energy recommended implementation of 4 measures that would save approximately $60,525 a year with a simple payback of 6 years.Read More

If implemented, the recommended ECMs would result in a 13% reduction in electricity consumption and 5% reduction in natural gas consumption.Read More

Implementing the recommendations would result in an annual reduction of 26.9 tons of CO2e, the equivalent to taking approximately 6 cars off the road.Read More

After completing a site visit, 3D Energy was able to analyze 10 different energy conservation and renewable energy measures.Read More

This new elementary school, budgeted at $13,694,000.00, was delivered as a design build in Ardrossan, Alberta. The project was completed in 2018.Read More

One DC power optimizer has been installed behind each solar module with conductors connecting the solar array to a single 7.6kW inverter.Read More