Dunedin House – Petwin Properties


3D Energy has performed a walkthrough of the Dunedin House building and carried out an energy analysis of three Petwin Properties.

3D Energy then produced a detailed energy assessment which includes the detailed results of the energy analysis and a full description of upgrades that can be completed to make the building more energy efficient.

13 Energy Conservation Measures Recommended:
LED Lighting Upgrade, Door and Window Upgrade (Combined), Low Flow Water Fixtures, Insulate Hot Water Pipes, Variable Speed Water Pump, Hot Water Heating System Upgrade, Boiler Upgrade, Self-Sensing Pumps, Heating Fluid Additive, Pneumatic Programmable Thermostats, Condensing Make-Up Air Upgrade, Recommissioning, and Sub-Meters

Key Highlights/Accomplishments: $35,570 annual cost savings, 86,182 kWh annual electrical savings, 40.3 years simple payback, and 333 tonnes of CO2

Sector: Residential Tower