Northern Development and Investment Group Audit and Solar Project


This facility is a single-story office building that was constructed circa 1976. The building has a total floor area of approximately 58,700 ft².

With three major tenants. After completing an analysis of the building’s exterior and interior envelope, heating/mechanical equipment, lighting equipment, windows, doors, and other systems and interviewing the maintenance staff, 3D Energy brought forward recommendations that included: Near Condensing Boiler Upgrade; Outdoor Condensing Unit Upgrade; Variable Speed on AHU Fans; Pneumatic to Electronic Control Conversion; Interior & Exterior Lighting Upgrade; Low Flow Water Fixtures; Insulation Upgrade; Programmable Thermostats; and Heat Recovery. Additionally, 3D Energy made a number of recommendations for the end of lifecycle equipment replacement.

Services Provided: ASHRAE Level 2 Detailed Energy Audit

Key Highlights/Accomplishments: Identified Annual Cost Savings – $23,127 Identified Annual GHG Reductions – 237 tonnes of C02

Sector: Commercial – Office Space