Oliver Ridge Suites Energy Assessment


Oliver Ridge Suites is a 7-story multi-unit residential building located in Edmonton, Alberta. It was built in 1963 and contains 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and penthouse units. Oliver Ridge Suites has an Energy Utilization Index (EUI) of 1.22 GJ/m², which indicates that this facility consumes 42% less energy than a similar multifamily housing building.

After visiting the site, 3D Energy Ltd performed an energy analysis and assessment which determined 8 potential energy reduction solutions with a simple payback of 6.5 years. These solutions included a lighting upgrade, programmable thermostats, retro-commissioning, and air filter upgrades. Additionally, 3D Energy recommended patio door replacement, which had a much longer simple payback period of 45 years but dealt with an end of lifecycle/deficiency issue in the building. If implemented together, the recommended ECMs would result in a 37% reduction in electricity consumption and a 43% reduction in natural gas. This is expected to provide $19,200 in annual savings and an annual reduction of 93.7 tons of GHG. This is equivalent to taking approximately 20 cars off the road.

Services Provided: Energy Assessment
Key Highlights/Accomplishments: If suggested measures are implemented, reduction in electricity use by 37% and natural gas by 43%; an annual savings of around $19,200.
Sector: Multi-unit Residential