Station Pointe Condominium & Retail


Station Pointe is a redevelopment of the historic Fort Road Old Town area in Edmonton, Alberta. Phase I of the project is a mixed-use development where people can live, work, shop, and attend community events and programs. The design will include rainwater harvesting, on-site biological water treatment, natural ventilation, passive solar, solar thermal and solar PV, heat recovery, and efficient control strategies. A district energy system will have the potential of energy sharing with future phases of the project and with neighboring industries. Station Pointe is targeting net zero energy use and is located next to a Light Rail Rapid Transit (LRT) Station and bus terminal making it the new exemplary model for sustainable living.

Services Provided: Energy Code Compliance (NECB)

Key Highlights/Accomplishments: natural ventilation passive solar solar thermal and solar PV heat recovery efficient control strategies

Sector: Commercial – Retail/Multi-family Residential