Kupchenko Solar Array 8.4 kW

Electrical Engineering

One DC power optimizer has been installed behind each solar module with conductors connecting the solar array to a single 7.6kW inverter. The solar array consists of two sub arrays; 14 solar modules mounted on the East roof face and 7 solar modules mounted on the West roof face of the garage. Equipment Solar modules: 21 LG 400-watt solar modules Optimizers: 21 Solar Edge P-505 power optimizers Inverter: Solar Edge 7.6kW inverter Battery: LG Chem RESU 10, 9.8 kWh of energy storage

Services Provided: Design, permitting, engineering, rebate application, installation and commissioning, electrical service upgrade
Key Highlights/Accomplishments: System utilizes 9.8 kWh battery backup to optimize consumption of solar energy and reduce grid power reliance. Also upgraded homes electrical service and panel to accommodate electric car charging capacity.
Sector: Residential

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