Willcott Solar Array 12.2 kW

Generate Energy

The ground mount solar array consists of two rows of 18 solar modules, each facing directly south. The array is comprised of four sub-arrays of 9 modules each. One DC power optimizer has been installed behind each solar module with conductors connecting the solar array to two 6.0kW inverter. Equipment Solar modules: 36 Trina Solar 340-watt solar modules Optimizers: 36 Solar Edge P-400 power optimizers Inverter: 2x Solar Edge 6.0kW inverter Racking: HESPV - Ballasted

Services Provided: Design, permitting, engineering, rebate application, installation and commissioning
Key Highlights/Accomplishments: Ground mounted racking and ballast installation; installation of transfer switch for generator interconnection.
Sector: Farm

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